Frequently asked questions

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What should I bring to my appointment?

Always bring any relevant MRI, Ultrasound, X-ray scans, medical reports and private health insurance cards with you to each consultation.

As Osteopathy is a manual and physical form of therapy we recommend wearing loose and comfortable clothing that is easy for you to move around in.

For the purposes of examination and treatment you may also be asked to remove certain items of clothing. Upon request a gown is available to keep you covered and warm.

Are Osteopathic services covered by Medicare?

Medicare rebates for subsidised osteopathic treatment are only available via Chronic Disease Management (aka Enhanced Primary Care) plans. Eligibility is determined by a GP who will then write up a plan for you. CDM plans can include up to a maximum of five osteopathic treatments per year.

If you are unsure how to qualify for this, please feel free to contact us for further information, or speak to your GP.

Please be aware that a gap payment exists for all CDM/EPC consultations. This gap payment represents our usual Osteopathy consultation fee less the medicare rebate.

If you have any further questions please contact our clinic.


Do I need a referral?

No, you do not need a referral. Osteopaths are first point health care practitioners and as such you can make appointment without a referral. Please BOOK ONLINE or call us to make an appointment.

Are Osteopaths covered by private health insurance?

The short answer it may well be!

It simply depends on your private health insurance policy. Please contact your health fund insurer directly to see if you are covered and what rebates are offered.

Our HICAPS facility enables eligible rebates to be claimed at the time of payment. Otherwise we can provide you with the required documents in order to claim the rebate at a later date.

How can I pay?

EFTPOS and HICAPS facilities are available for direct claims with your health fund, leaving only the gap, if any,  to pay on the day. For which cash, EFTPOS, AMEX, VISA and MasterCard are all accepted.

We kindly ask for all accounts and fees to be settled on the day of your appointment.

Is there a cancellation policy?

When you book an appointment, we reserve this time with a specific Osteopath for you.

As a courtesy we kindly request 24 hours notice when changing or cancelling an appointment time. This allows our team to adjust their appointment schedules and accommodate for clients on our waiting list.

Please note that appointments changed or cancelled within 24 hours of the appointment start time, or failing to present for an appointment may incur a cancellation fee (50% of consultation fee).

Do you provide Workcover, TAC and/or DVA services?

Yes all our Osteopaths are registered as WorkSafe, TAC and DVA service providers.

If you are claiming osteopathic care through WorkSafe or TAC, we ask that accounts be settled on the day of treatment. You will then be provided with an invoice for third party and claiming purposes.

What is the difference between Osteo/Physio/Chiro?

This is a very common question and it can often be confusing when deciding with whom to consult with. While these modalities may seem very similar, Osteopaths, Chiropractors and Physiotherapists are set apart by their different principles and treatment approaches. As qualified Osteopaths, we can only define aspects of Osteopathy.

Osteopaths undertake a minimum of 5 years of tertiary education and graduate with a Bachelor and Masters degree.

A national AHPRA board regulates osteopathy. This means registered Osteopaths must abide by set codes of clinical practice including using an evidence informed approach to treatment and are mandated to complete regular professional development.

Osteopathy takes a holistic approach to health, one that encompasses many aspects of a patient’s health. A strong focus is placed on addressing the underlying cause of your condition and providing not only symptomatic relief but aiming for sustainable therapeutic outcomes. Treatment is “hands on” and addresses both the muscles and joints of the body.

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Osteopath treating a patient's rolled ankle.