Headaches are common with approximately 47% of the global population affected. There are many types of headaches with the International Headache Society having identified 14 different types. These range from migraines to tension and cervicogenic headaches (neck related). Headaches often have more than one cause—physical, psychological, and pharmacological—and each may require treatment.

Evidence based guidelines support the use of physical therapy combined with exercise and management advice in the treatment of headaches. The team at the Geelong Osteopathy Group are well trained and experienced in the treatment of headaches having assisted thousands of headache sufferers.

Each new patient is thoroughly assessed and screened to determine if manual treatment is appropriate. Osteopathic treatment of headaches can take many forms from soft tissue massage to spinal manipulation therapy (SMT) and takes into account the patient’s preferred approach. Due to the multi-factorial nature of headaches, treatment is combined with management. This often includes a plan to improve posture, sleep quality, diet and so on…

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