What is Osteopathy?

Osteopathic medicine focuses on the musculoskeletal system and its importance in the health of the individual.

Osteopaths apply the philosophy of treating the whole person to the pre- vention, diagnosis and treatment of injuries and illness using manual and physical therapies.

Current research suggests that a multi-modal approach (eg: manipulative therapy, exercise and education) provides better outcomes than a single therapy approach. Osteopathic treatment uses this multi-modal focus with the ‘hands on’ approach being accompanied by exercise instruction and rehabilitation regimes, appropriate use of medication, ergonomic advice, dietary modification and counselling when necessary.

At the Geelong Osteopathy Group we have over thirty years experience in the Osteopathic treatment of people of all ages including pregnant women, school children, athletes, adults and seniors.

Are you Ready?

At the Geelong Osteopathy Group we aim to provide the highest quality of care and comprehensive pain solutions.

Osteopath treating a patient's rolled ankle.