Geelong Osteopathy Group is now offering Telehealth consultations!

We are proud to announce that we are now offering Telehealth consultations. Which essentially means you can access our services from the comforts of your home or office!

Our Telehealth services are currently offered at a reduced rate.

All you will need is a computer, smart device or phone. For all Telehealth appointments, your appointment confirmation and reminder will include a link to access your online Osteopathy video session.

Telehealth image

You may be surprised how much we can do for you via the Telehealth consultations.


  • A comprehensive medical case history
  • A musculoskeletal screen and injury assessment
  • A virtual Geelong Osteopathy Group ACTION PLAN
  • A workstation ergonomic assessment
  • An exercise rehabilitation/strengthening program
  • Additional online health resources

Learn more about our Telehealth consultations here.

To make a Telehealth appointment, please book online here or call 0455 507 710