What is Dry Needling? And Why It Helps

What is Dry Needling?

Dry needling is a treatment method involving the insertion of very fine, stainless steel needles into the skin and muscle. The needles are placed in the muscle trigger points, which are tender areas of tight muscle fibres that occur when muscles are over used or injured. The needles stay in the muscle for a small period of time and then are taken out.

Functional Integrated Dry Needling: An Orchestrate View - AIFIDN Institute

Is Dry Needling the same as Acupuncture?

While you might think dry needling and acupuncture are the same as each other, the only similarity shared is that they both involve the use of very thin, stainless steel needles inserted into different parts of the body.

Dry needling is aimed at affecting the muscles, by inserting them into the muscle trigger point. They aid in releasing off tight muscles and assist in restoring normal muscular function.

Acupuncture is a treatment approach used in Chinese medicine, it is based on channel theory and it uses different points in the body to help with a range of health conditions.

Does Dry Needling hurt? 

On the insertion of the needle you may feel a sharp sensation that then dissipates after a few seconds into an ache. Initially you may experience a ‘twitch’ of the muscle that feels like a spasm or cramp, the muscle then relaxes causing a lengthening of the muscle fibres.

The following day after treatment you could experience tenderness over where the needles were inserted which usually resolves after 24-48 hours.

What are the Benefits of Dry Needling?

  • Relives pain
  • Increases joint range of motion
  • Releases contracted muscles
  • Improves muscular strength

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